Democrats and Republicans both say “enough” to politics as usual. We’re sick of politicians who ignore us, of a government that doesn’t serve us. Again and again, candidates promised to “change the system.” But they never told us how. They had no plan for change. Why? Because we need, above all, to change how candidates pay for election campaigns. We must break the tyranny of big money in politics. But no one in Washington can show the way. They’re held hostage by their donors. We the people must change the system.

Save Democracy in America has the missing plan for change, a concrete and achievable goal which both Republicans and Democrats support: Voter Dollars.

Since big campaign donors rule Washington, we’ll make ourselves the donors. For every federal election the government would give each registered voter an online account of campaign cash. You can’t take it out and spend it, but you can go online and send this money to the candidates YOU support. Candidates who want to serve us can get enough money from voters to fund strong campaigns. And their opponents will have no excuse for taking cash from Big Pharma, health insurance companies, or other special interests. It’s common sense: whoever pays the piper calls the tune. If we want to call the tune in Washington, we have to pay that piper. We must fund candidates’ campaigns.

Our campaign unites Americans across the party lines because we want our rightful say in how we are governed, we all need a government which serves us, and because Voter Dollars mean government by the people, which we Americans invented, which our country stands for.

Join us! Let the voters be the donors. Together we will take our country back.

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