The time has come for Americans to rise up and bring government by the people back to the land of its birth. Big money has stolen our say in how we are governed. Politicians no longer listen to us, the voters. They listen to the donors who pay for their expensive election campaigns.

We can fix our broken politics with Democracy Dollars, by letting the voters be the donors who really count. For every federal election, the government will give each voter an online account of campaign cash – $100 in presidential election years, $50 for congressional midterms. The voters can then assign it to the candidates they support. Every serious candidate will be able to raise enough money from the voters to run a fully competitive campaign, and no politician will have an excuse for taking money from special interests. High-dollar donors can still spend as much as they want, but any candidate who accepts their help will have to explain to the voters why.

Our crusade for Democracy Dollars can bring all Americans together, regardless of party, race, or religion, and help overcome our divisions. Join us. Let the voters be the donors! Together we can take our country back.

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