About Save Democracy in America

Save Democracy in America unites Americans across the party lines to defeat the big money which stole our rightful say in how we are governed.

We stand for one thing and one thing only: government by the people – one of the noble ideals which make us Americans.

The people’s weapon against the money is Voter Dollars: voters will fund candidates’ campaigns so that office holders serve us instead of serving the big donors who control them today.

How do we get Voter Dollars? No one in Washington will lead the way – they can’t fight the money because they’re too busy raising it for the next campaign. We the people must stand up and demand this reform. Americans must stand up in massive numbers and demand this loud and clear.

Rallying the people to this cause might seem a heavy lift, but we think we’re going to win. Why? Because Americans left, right and center have been saying for years that the system is broken. We just need someone to show us how to fix it.

Voter Dollars is how. Our job at Save Democracy in America is to get the word out. If you’d like to pitch in, we’d love to have your help.


About Dan McMillan

Dr. Dan McMillan Photo by Sigrid Estrada.

Photo copyright Sigrid Estrada

Founder and Executive Director of Save Democracy in America is Dan McMillan, a writer based in New York City.

Dan has a Ph.D. in German history from Columbia University, and a law degree from Fordham. He has worked as a book editor, as a history professor, and as a prosecuting attorney.

How Could This HappenDan left his job at the Brooklyn DA’s office to become a writer. In 2014 he published his first book, the acclaimed How Could This Happen: Explaining the Holocaust. It explains, in an engaging journalistic style, what scholars like Dan have discovered about why the Holocaust happened. Learn more at Dan’s personal website: www.drdanmcmillan.com.

In 2014 Dan began writing a book about money in politics, but decided in 2020 that direct political action was more urgently needed, and established Save Democracy in America.

In his youth Dan was a dedicated rock climber. He has made three ascents of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley – the highest rock wall in North America.

El CapitanEl Capitan - Dan







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