How We Win

We think Americans on both sides of the aisle are more than ready to support Voter Dollars. Our challenge is just to get the word out.

Americans have said for years that this isn’t working. Politicians don’t listen to us. They don’t care what we think or what we need. They can’t afford to care: they’re too busy raising campaign cash and taking care of their donors. Here in the land of the free, the country that invented government by the people, we the people are no longer masters in our own house.

Voter Dollars won’t drive all money out of politics. But it will level the playing field enough between voters and special interests to put us in the driver’s seat where we belong.

Voter Dollars is common sense and easy to explain. It directly empowers Americans. Voter Dollars literally puts the coin of political influence into the hands of every registered voter. We’ll get better candidates – fellow Americans from all walks of life who want to serve us instead of taking orders from corporate interests.

Best of all, Republicans and Democrats are happy to take this step together. We will still disagree on many other issues, but we can agree on this: our government must not be for sale and we the people should be in charge.

Join us. Help spread the word. Make voters the donors!