How You Can Help

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Share our website and videos on social media, or in emails to friends. In just 15 minutes a week, you can do your part to reclaim our democracy.

Donate $5, or more if you can. Every donation is a powerful sign of support. Your donation will help us announce our progress to the media: 50,000 donors, 100,000 donors, one million donors, and so on.

Organize a fundraiser via Zoom. Contact headquarters and put FUNDRAISER  in the subject line, and Dan McMillan will try to speak at your event.

Write to both your Senators, to your Representative in the House, and to the White House. Tell them you want Congress to pass Rep. Khanna’s Democracy Dollars Act (H.R. 7306, 115th Congress), and that you want the President to sign it into law. If it’s not too inconvenient, please write a separate letter by hand for each of these members of Congress as well as the President, saying why you support Democracy Dollars and Save American Democracy. Why letters written by hand? Because countless political groups have pre-written letters to Congress and the White House which people can just download from a group’s website or even email directly to politicians with two clicks. The staff in Congressional offices and in the White House see tons of such letters all the time, and they count for little, because it takes no effort to send one.

A hand-written letter, on the other hand, counts for a lot. It shows each member of Congress that someone in their state or district feels strongly about Democracy Dollars, and it gets the same message across to the President. They know that one letter means at least ten voters, and probably more, who support Democracy Dollars because you, a trusted friend, have told them why this reform is important.

Go to this website to get the address of your Representative in the House:

This website gives you the name and office addresses of your state’s Senators:

And here’s how to write to the current occupant of the White House:

President Joe Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Start a Save American Democracy Club in your neighborhood or town. This would be a great chance to reunite some Democrats and Republicans who’ve been at odds since the 2016 election. Hold fundraisers, have letter writing parties, plan visits to the local home office of your Representative in the House, and make monthly reports to Headquarters using the Advocate email address, telling us how to improve our message and motivate volunteers.

Become an Advocate. Be our voice, and our eyes and ears. Spread the message and tell us how to win supporters. To become an Advocate,