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Share our website and videos on social media, or in emails to friends. In just 15 minutes a week, you can do your part to reclaim our democracy. No message is more powerful than one which comes from someone you trust. You CAN make difference.

Start a Save Democracy in America Club in your neighborhood or town. This would be a great chance to reunite some Democrats and Republicans who’ve been at odds since the 2016 election. Hold fundraisers, have letter writing parties, plan visits to the local home office of your Representative in the House, and make monthly reports to Headquarters using the Advocate email address, telling us how to improve our message and motivate volunteers.

Become an Advocate. Be our voice, and our eyes and ears. Spread the message and tell us how to win supporters. To become an Advocate,

For press inquiries please contact SDIA’s publicist, Maria Sliwa: maria (at)